Weight Bridge on Imphal-Jiri road opposed

Source: Times Of ManipurImphal

    : The All Manipur Road Transport Drivers and Motor Works Union has strongly opposed the idea of a weight bridge which will be inaugurated on New Year day by Highway Truck Owners Welfare Organisation, opposite Goladon Forest Office along Imphal-Jiribam road (National Highway 37) and has warned against imposing unnecessary burdens on the drivers and transporters by virtue of the said weight bridge.

    Speaking to media persons at the association’s office at MG Avenue today, its general secretary M Anil questioned the authenticity of the organisation (Highway Truck Owners Welfare Organisation) who claimed that trucks and vehicles can freely measure their weight on the said weight bridge from January 1 and also asked if the said organisation has done anything for the truckers and transporters travelling along the said National Highway.

    Alleging that the said free weight bridge will start charging Rs 200/300 per truck after some time, Anil claimed that this will create unnecessary burden on the transporters who are working tirelessly for the people of the State.

    Stating that the said organisation was nowhere to be seen whenever the transporters faced problems along the National Highway in the past, Anil said that the All Manipur Road Transport Drivers and Motor Works Union will never accept such a ploy to create hardships for the drivers.

    Claiming that TDC and the drivers’ union can build the damaged bridge if need be, the general secretary demanded the Transport Department to look into the matter at the earliest.

    On the other hand, Anil said that wheel guards are installed in Makru bridge and as such, there are no problems when the trucks cross the bridge.

    But there are no wheel guards on Barak bridge, Anil said and questioned the National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL) why this is so.

    He warned against blaming the drivers for any accidents which are caused due to the lack of wheel guards by the authority concerned and demanded the Transport Department to look into the issue as well.

    If the authority concerned cannot properly construct the bridge, TDC and the drivers’ union will happily take over the responsibility of building it, he added.



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