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Two Transgender From Manipur Was Gang Raped in Bengaluru City.

Bengaluru police on Saturday arrested three men for allegedly raping two trans-women from Manipur at knifepoint. Although the incident took place on May 12, the survivors, a 23-year-old student and a 24-year-old professional, were reluctant to go the police fearing the usual apathy sexual minorities face from the law enforcers.

However, support from friends and All Manipur Nupi Maanbi Association finally led them to approach the police who took prompt action in nabbing the accused.

“Police was very fast in taking action. The three people are in police custody now. We are happy with the action,” said one of the women

The horrific incident took place when they thought their food delivery had arrived at their doorstep. As they unsuspectingly opened the door, the three men armed with knives forced their way in. They held the two with knives at their neck and forced themselves upon the survivors for the next two hours.

Following the complaint filed on Friday, the police had registered an FIR. On Saturday, the survivors were asked by the police to come to the station to identify the accused who had by then been detained. They were arrested after the survivors confirmed their involvement.

The three accused are residents of the same neighbourhood where the alleged sexual assault took place. While one of them is a cook and another is a cab driver, the third person is a supporting actor in the Kannada film industry.



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