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Fulfilling its commitment as the Sentinels of the North East, Moltuk Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) on 02nd November 2019, provided immediate life saving first aid to an elderly couple who met with an accident and seriously injured themselves while riding a bike. The accident occurred during the night of 02nd November 2019 at around 0900 pm, when  Mr K.H Jacob and Mrs Mani, fell from their bike near Parlon village in Chandel District and were seriously injured.  Both sustained serious injuries on their heads. The incident was informed by the locals to Moltuk Battalion and a medical team of the Battalion quickly reached to the location for necessary assistance. The Nursing Assistant provided essential first aid and stopped the blood loss. The elderly couple was then taken to their home in Parlon village and later advised to be taken to the civil hospital.   Since both, the victims were in their late fifty-second too much loss of blood could have been fatal especially in such a remote area where any medical assistance is virtually absent.  The timely and effective first aid provided by Moltuk Battalion not only saved the couple but also established the trust within the villagers and Security Forces. The villagers and the village Chief of Parlon village appreciated the efforts of Moltuk Battalion for their timely assistance and for building bonhomie.  

on the other hand, Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organized a Security Meet at Canchipur Company Operating Base (COB). The security forum was attended by Meira Paibis, Ward Councilors, local youth clubs, and representatives.  During the meet, the locals were sanitized and updated on the current situation existing in the area of responsibility. There was also an interaction carried out on necessary measures required to be undertaken by locals in synergy with Assam Rifles for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area.  In addition to the security issues, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in Assam Rifles and Army and career counseling for youth were also discussed during the meet. The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for the conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.



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