MLA Kh Joykishan Demanded the dismantling of Laijing Ningthou Junior High School

TOM TV, 24 JUNE 2019:

Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykishan has expressed strong displeasure over the dismantling of Laijing Ningthou Junior High School, Thangmeiband without seeking any permission from the concerned authorities. It is said that the school was dismantled for reconstruction. Joykishan said no prior information was sought from the Department of Education, Zonal Education Officer or him. He demanded that the concerned individuals should clarify it by June 27. The MLA was inspecting the school. He added that some persons came to the school on June 9 and dismantled some portion of the school and attempted to construct two new rooms. On consulting ZEO Zone 1 and then Additional Director of Education, the officers said they had no idea about the reconstruction work. Even the headmistress of the school was unaware of who was involved in the reconstruction. Joykishan also maintained that it is a good step to improve the school infrastructure. Every possible help will be extended to complete the construction before summer vacation ends. However, he questioned the funding of the reconstruction work.  Labourers engaged in the construction left the work site yesterday. The effort of the school committee to ascertain those who were responsible for the dismantling and construction of two new rooms has proved futile.

MLA Joykishan said the persons concerned should come to him and have a talk by June 27, failing which legal action would be initiated against them.



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