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Manipur government declares ‘No School Bag Day’ for students


The Manipur government has declared all working Saturdays as “No School Bag Day” for students from class I to VIII. On this day, students will not carry school bags and institutions will ensure taking up extra co-curricular activities, games and sports, recreational activities among others and make schools a more joyful place of learning.

The Department of Education (Schools) Government of Manipur has introduced ‘No School Bag’ day for students reading in Class I to VIII. An Office memorandum regarding the matter has been issued by the State Education (S) Department. As per the office, memorandum students reading in Class 1 to VIII in all Government and private school will carry no school bag on every working Saturday. The decision has been taken up in view of the long term physical and mental effects of carrying heavy School Bags every day by the young students reading in Classes 1 to 8 causing lots of inconveniences, health problems, and discomfort to them.

“It has come to the knowledge of the government that the students in these categories of classes are found to be always engaged with routine works related to school curriculum, additional homework assignments thereby finding hard to find any quality time for life skill activities including games and sports, extra co-curricular activities etc which can help in their holistic personality development and growth”, the memorandum said.

The Education Department said it will review the practice having considered the long term physical and mental effects of carrying heavy school bags every day by young students causes inconveniences, health problems and discomfort to them.



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