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Laishram Bashan’s family seeking assistance from the State Govt. for medical treatment


In a very rare incident that happened to one Laishram Bashan’s life, he came down shattered after both his wife and son became blind from some illnesses, and now he is seeking assistance from the State Govt. for medical treatment for his wife and son. Laishram Bashan along with his wife Thoibi and three Children came to Imphal to earn livelihood, after his wife and son became deaf and blind and the poor man is now facing serious hardships at Chairen Leingang vilage of Bishnupur District. It is learnt that his wife and son were able to see earlier, however, due to some illnesses Thoibi and her son finally met with the tragedy.

The family is now living in a makeship shelter which was built by the neighbours after their piece of land was sold to meet the treatment expenses, and at such, it really bothers Roshan when he thinks about the future of his two daughters Roshibina and Roji besides, worrying over the lives of his blind and deaf wife and son.

His son Roshan who is preparing for his std.10 examination expressed his desire to continue with his further studies after getting treatment and he believes he could see again since, he was not blind from birth.

Roshan emotionally said that, he is really worried thinking about his family condition and made an appeal to the Chief Minister to extend help to his family.

It is saddening to see Bashan’s present family condition, moreover, the sights of his two little daughters helping their helpless mom and brother is truly heat melting. As of now they are not getting any support from the Govt in terms of medicines and treatment, except, for a little help from the neighbours, however, Bashan is hopeful and positive in his heart that the State Govt. and big-hearted individuals will come forward and help him.



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