Kangleipak Calendar Board (KCB) appealed public of the State to observe Ningol Chakkouba on October 29

Kangleipak Calendar Board (KCB) has once again called upon the general public of Manipur and Manipuris living outside to celebrate the upcoming Ningol Chakkouba festival on 29th of this month. Talking to media persons today at the office of South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO) located at Moirang Leirak Machin, Imphal, Vice President of KCB, Dr. Moirangthem Surjit maintained that the official declaration by the state government that this year’s ‘Ningol chakkouba’ falls on 30th October is not accurate as already proven by documentary evidences. He added people in the State have been left in confusion due to the related department’s inaccurate information. KCB president Dr. Surjit urged that the concerned department must organize the state fish fair on the 28th of this month in view of the correct date of Ningol Chakkouba festival, which is 29 October as per Kangleipak Calendar. This is the second time that the calendar board is making a clarion call to the public to celebrate the Ningol chakoubha festival on October 29.



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