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Jet Airways suspended its flights to the Eastern and North-Eastern region

Jet Airways has indefinitely suspended its flights to the Eastern and North-Eastern region, according to reports. Sources say that as of yesterday, the airline was operational by only 14 planes the number which has come down from 123 planes during its peak. The development reflects a rather bleak situation for the airline. According to sources, all Jet Airways operations in the Eastern region are suspended. And effective today, there are no Jet flights to and from Kolkata, Patna, Guwahati and other airports in the region. A number of flights scheduled to travel to and from several regions in the east and North-Eastern India which includes Mumbai-Kolkata, Kolkata-Guwahati, Dehradun-Guwahati via Kolkata were cancelled yesterday and today. The flights were cancelled until further notice due to operational reasons. The airline also mentioned that the refunds for the cancellations are being processed.



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