India launched its heaviest satellite GSAT-11, weighing about 5,854kg, from Kourou – a European spaceport in distant South America’s French Guiana. Built by India’s space agency ISRO, GSAT-11 will enable faster Internet services in the country for over next 15 years. Nicknamed the “Big Bird”, GSAT-11 was shot to space at 2.07 am (IST). This was ISRO’s second attempt after its first attempt resulted in a heartbreak in May in year.

According to ISRO, the satellite is now ‘healthy’. Dr K Sivan, ISRO chief said, “This is the next gen high throughput communication satellite. GSAT-11 will play an important role in providing broadband services across India.” The satellite will also help in better in-flight connectivity in the country. It carries 40 ku-band and ka-frequencies transponders which enable it to provide high bandwidth connectivity with lightning fast data transfer speed of up to 14 gigabit per second.

Dr Sivan also added that with three other siblings, viz., GSAT-19, GSAT-29 and GSAT-20, GSAT-11 will be a “game changer” for high-speed internet access and data communications in India.
Built at a cost of Rs 600 crore, GSAT-11 was lifted by Arianespace’s Ariane-5 heavyweight rocket hired by ISRO.



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