Fish farmers from different districts of the State are set to produce 90,000 kgs of fishes at “Fish Farmers’ Fair cum Fish Crop Competition 2018”, in connection with Ningol Chakkouba occasion, which will begin from November 8.The said fair will be organised by the Department of Fisheries inside DM college Imphal campus.



Speaking to The TOM TV Directorate of Fisheries Department,, Administrative officer Nongmaithem Rajen said that the Department has taken up all necessary steps to kick off the annual fish farmers’ fair.

He informed that the fish farmers will be bringing variety of fishes at the site of the fair.

For Imphal West district, farmers led by DFO (I/W), are aiming to provide 8000 kgs of fishes while CEO (I) is aiming to provide 10,000 kgs of fish.

Meanwhile, farmers of Imphal East district led by DFO (I/E) are aiming to present 5000 kgs of fishes for the mela.

DFO Thoubal will lead the fanners of Thoubal district to present 7000 kgs and CEO (Tbl) will present 8000 kgs.

Farmers of Bishnupur district led by its DFO are set to provide 15,000 while CEO (Bishnupur) will provide 12,000.On the other hand, for Churanchadpur, Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati and Tamenglong districts, the respective DFOs and CEOs are aiming to present 3000 kgs and 2000 kgs of farmer’s fishes respectively.

Apart from exhibiting and selling the State’s fishes, people will also witness 200 kgs of fishes brought from Tripura, which will be produced by College of Fisheries, Tripura, Lembucherra.

Rajen conveyed that the Department of Fisheries will bear the transportation charges for the participating fish farmers of each districts.

He said that in the past only a few State’s farmers were able to rear and produce fishes like Pengba and Ngaton but, several farmers in different districts are able to rear such fishes now.

Rajen further informed that the fish mela will judge the farmer with best production of indigenous fishes (Pengba, Khabak and Ngaton) at the fair.

Stating that the rate of fishes has been fixed by the Department concerned, he stated that the farmers are allowed to fix the rate for other varieties like Tunghanbi, Porom and even Khajing.

The Department, he added, has fixed the rates for each varieties of fishes including Catla at the rate of Rs 200 (below 2 kg), Rs 250 (2 kgs and above) and Rs 300 (5 kgs above).

Rohu will be sold at the rate of Rs 200 (below 1 kg), Rs 260 (1 kg and above), Mrigal at Rs 200 (below 1 kg) and Rs 260 (1 kg and above), Common carp at Rs 180 (below 1 kg) and Rs 230 (1 kg and above).

Meanwhile, the Dept has fixed the rate of Grass carp at Rs 200 (below 2 kgs), Rs 260 (2kgs and above) and Rs 300 (5 kgs above), silver carp at Rs 150 (below 3 kgs), Rs 180 (3kgs and above), Pengba/Khabak at Rs 500 (below 300 gms) and Rs 700 (above 300 gms) and Ngaton at the rate of Rs 500.Stating that the winners of the Fish Farmers’ Fair cum Fish Crop Competition for best production are felicitated on Farmers day in July 10 every year, Rajen informed that the first position winner will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh while the second and third position winners will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs 70,000 and 50,000 respectively.

On the other hand, a consolation prize of Rs 20,000 will be awarded to the highest producer of indigenous fish, he added



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