A post on Facebook with the picture of a baby and a caption in Indonesian language saying, ” Thanks god for saving this baby, a victim of the JT 610 flight covered in life jacket by the baby’s mother. Unfortunately, the mother has not been found until now…” One user named Wina Aulia Rahma shared this post, which was later shared by thousands on Facebook.

We found the screenshot of this Facebook post in a public group ‘Forum Anti Fitnah, Hasut, Dan Hoax’. One member of the group Aribowo Sasmito, who claims to be the co-founder of an Indonesia Fact Checker community, Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia, shared this post claiming it to be a false news. It is said that The original post has been deleted by the user.

National Board for Disaster Management tweeted this photo calling it a hoax. The tweet said, “A lot of photos being posted on social media that there are baby passengers on plane JT-610. These babies are babies who survived the sinking of the ship KM Sustainable going forward, in the waters of Selayar, on Tuesday 3/7/2018. So the info is a hoax.



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