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Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar today tabled 6 Demands under Demands for Grants 2019-20 : 26 TH ASSEMBLY

Finance in-charge and deputy chief minister Y. Joykumar today tabled 6 Demands under Demands for Grants 2019-20 in the House for discussion and passing them. Rs 60,61,36,000 for Demand number 13 Labour and Employment, Rs 676,40,33,000 for Demand number 14 Department of Tribal Affairs and Hills Development, Rs 316,47,32,000 for Demand Number 17 Agriculture,  Rs 231,85,88,000 for Demand Number 19, Environment and Forest, Rs  440,43,,23,000  for Demand number 23 Power  and Rs 13,32,51,000 for  Demand for Information and Technology were tabled in the House. Later, the House unanimously passed all the demands amounting to Rs 739,10,63,000.


Congress MLA Th Lokeshwar today accused the state government of underestimating the labour class, saying the Labour Department exists for the sake of name. The Khundrakpam MLA was raising a cut motion in the House when the Finance Minister tried to seek support from the House Members to pass Demand Number 13, Labour. Noting that the Labour Department is an important department for the working class, Lokeshwar said there has been a rise in the number of both skilled and unskilled labourers in Manipur. He claimed that no welfare programme for the working section is not visible till date. It is learnt that deduction from payments meant for labourers is done by the department for the purpose of taking up welfare programme for them, he said and asked where the money has gone. Drawing attention of the Speaker, Lokeshwar then sought information from the Labour Minister on the welfare programme taken for labourers. Joining the cut motion, Sagolband MLA RK Imo asked if any policy has been formulated by the state government for the welfare of transporters who are shipping goods from outside the state. He sought details on such welfare policy taken by the Labour Department.



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